Here is what it takes to join DataEntryZ’ team of global professionals.

Do you drive yourself to excel?

We expect our employees to be ambitious. Our staff are encouraged to take responsibility and we encourage them to deepen their skills and apply them in a wide range of sectors. In this way we hope to create a general culture where innovation is the norm and where there is a clear path to new ways of working.

Do you want to take on new challenges?

DataEntryZ works between science and technology. We believe that only cross-domain thinking can unlock true innovation. This is why we are committed to the development and growth of our employees, involving them in the new technological challenges posed by the projects we carry out with the world's leading companies.

Would you like to become a part of our community?

Our Delivery Centers play host to the best professionals in each sector, so that we can reach the most innovative solutions.

What are you waiting for?

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Our team will analyze your CV and will contact you by email if your profile is in line with our needs. Next, we provide services, training courses and everything you need to develop your skills to operate in the workspace.